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Fresh Potato :

FNS Company Ltd is specialized in producing, Packing and exporting farm fresh potatoes. We supply different types of potatoes throughout the year. The types that we normally procure and export are Granola, Diamond Long, Cardinal (red and long), and round Vanilla. You are requested to see the pictures about our products and how we process and pack the potatoes.

Potato Sizes :

50g, 80g, 100g, 150g, 200g & 200g up
Grade-A: 8-10 Pcs Per Kgs or 80 to 100 Pcs Per 10 Kgs Bag
Grade-B: 10-16 Pcs Per Kgs or 100 to 160 Pcs Per 10 Kgs Bag
Grade-C: 16-20 Pcs Per Kgs or 160 to 200 Pcs Per 10 Kgs Bag